School Branding Survey 2

Back around mid-February, we shared with our school community the results of the initial survey. We are now shifting our focus to the elements/characteristics that we would like to see incorporated into the horse logo. In addition, we are collecting suggestions of either a single colour, or a two-colour combination that we would incorporate in the logo and potentially use as accent colours in our building, and other school related items. Once again, the staff and students will be holding level-appropriate discussions in their classes and providing their input and suggestions this week.

Please take a few moments to provide us with your thoughts related to the survey questions using the link below. Also, take a moment to read the paragraph at the top of the form for some additional information. Lastly, we have attached for your reference, a document listing the current logos and school colours that exist in PRSD.



The SFX Branding Committee

PRSD school logos and colours