St. Francois Xavier School photo of schoolOur purpose at St. Francois Xavier Community School is to provide our students with the skills and knowledge to be successful, socially responsible citizens in a global community.


The first school was founded by the Grey Nuns from St. Boniface who came to St. Francois Xavier in 1850 to serve as missionaries as well as to educate the children.  The convent served as a school and as a residence for those children who required accommodation.

Due to many tragic fires, several schoolhouses were built to accommodate the school children over the years.

In 1916, a school was built on the south side of Highway # 26, across from our present school.  That building was also destroyed by fire in 1936.  In January 1960, the Consolidated District of St. Francois Xavier was formed by the amalgamation of the surrounding school districts.  A brick building was completed in 1961, with a steel wing addition completed in 1974.  In 1989 and 1990, two portable units were added to house the increased enrollment.

Our present school was constructed during the winter and summer of 1992.  The building was designed collaboratively by the community and staff.  The name of the school was officially changed from St. Francois Xavier School to St. Francois Xavier Community School when the school opened in September 1992.  Since then, our school has been a vital part of the St. Francois Xavier community.